Don’t have time to attend face to face training?

Try our Oxfta Live– Virtual Classroom courses! If you only need to learn how a VLOOKUP formula works in Excel or how to animate bullet points in PowerPoint, why spend a whole day away from the office?

Each session is 180 minutes in duration and the sessions are facilitator-led making them highly interactive to encourage questions and discussion. This is a key difference to self-paced online course libraries because it enables the group to address individual questions and any challenges the learners may be facing. This is all done in real time.

We have developed a range of training courses and webinars covering the key areas of business including, Management and leadership training, IT Skills, Soft skills and a variety of others covering crucial areas of learning . Webinars are new and cost effective method of receiving training from the comfort of your office. With our large hosting options we can deliver high quality training to large numbers of delegates spanning multiple sites without breaking the budget. Promoting synergy with real time tuition we can deliver both small and large scale sessions that have impactful and measurable next day results.